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Technical Advice

Checklist for supplying sheets to be mounted and die cut to shape

1. Mock ups – for complex projects and projects that need to be mounted to both sides of the sheet a mock up is an effective way to assist in confirming detail is correct.

2. Printed image – bleed is needed when image is required to the edge of the die cut shape.

3. Paper requirement – all projects that are to be mounted should be printed on 200gsm paper. Gloss, satin and matte finish stocks are acceptable.

4. Overs – overs are required for set up of the numerous processes. A minimum of 50 sheets per process is required plus 2% of the run sheet quantity.

5. Packaging – all sheets should be wrapped or supplied on strapped pallets to keep the sheets flat to prevent curling.

6. Grips and lays – grips and lays are to be marked to maintain register.

7. Grips – a 25mm grip is required to allow the sheets to be fed through the mounting and die cutting equipment.